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With roots firmly in jazz and funk, Ralph Hale has followed a musical path taking him from Boston to LA and back, developing a sound and playing style that has driven working bands across genres. Now living and playing in Minneapolis, he is applying his unique sound, pocket and deep groove to the funk-R&B scene.


After studying extensively in LA with David Garibaldi of Tower of Power, Ralph worked with Latin Grammy Award winning keyboardist Francisco Loyo, Latin jazz star Lalo Carillo, and one one Southern CA's finest jazz-R&B saxophonists and composers - J.R. Lewis.

Ralph drives the groove behind leading R&B-soul-funk acts in the cities - Funktion Junction, and Big Mike & The Funktion, and has recorded with pianist-composer Dan Moffatt, and saxophonist Kenni Holmen.





Yamaha Oak Custom 

Gretsch - Bop Kit 

Snare drums

Ludwig hand-hammered bronze 

Ludwig - Supraphonic  

Gretsch - Mahogany 



Zildjian K Custom Series:


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